Sharing is caring

sharing is caring

There was a lot of feedback thanking us for our free icons and asking about their license. So we changed the license of our freebies to Creative Commons placing them to Public Domain.

Here is a list of these icons:

3 Free 24×24 web development icon sets
Blueberry Basic icon sets
Matreshka icons
招き猫 Maneki Neko
Enjoyment free icons
Enjoyment2 free icons: New Year icons
Free Christmas icons
Weathy free icon set
Onebit icon sets
Free RSS icons
BacktoPixel: free icons
Blue Bits Basic and Bonus icon sets
Marmalade Basic and Bonus icon sets
4 Free 16×16 web development icon sets
2 Free Pixelbox icon sets
3 free Minicons icon sets
Blogica free icon set
TwitterJoy free icons
Free hand pointer icons

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