Eldorado icons

1566 vector icons in AI, PSD, CSH, SVG and PNG

Eldorado contains 1566 vector icons divided into following categories: Baby, Basic, Building, Culture, Devices, Documents, Education, Finance, Food 1-3, Holiday, Layout, Medicine, Mobile, Multimedia, Navigation, Player, Symbols, Transport, User, Weather, Work, Furniture, Appliance.



  • Ready for iOS 7. PSD and PNG in 60×60 px.
  • Comes with free raster version of Eldorado Stroke icons (in PSD file).
  • Strong and serious style.

What’s inside?

  • AI. Comes in stroke and includes 40×40 px and 60×60 px files. Each icon category is on its own layer.
  • PSD. Sizes: 40×40 and 60×60.
  • CSH.
  • SVG files for individual icons.
  • Font.
  • Transparent PNG. Sizes: 40×40 px, 60×60 px and 128×128 px.
Eldorado icons full



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